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Love In The Time Of Corona: Let us Weave A Romantic Ambience

Do you feel bogged down by the looming danger of Corona? Tune into Mirchi Bangla for a healthy dose of smiles!

Yes, the times are tough and we can easily succumb to anxiety and depression if we do not make an extra effort to instil a ray of positivity and survive against all odds. With news of Covid-affected patients on the rise doing the rounds and waking up to such negative vibes can destroy our inner peace. This is why it has become important to distract our minds from the raging pandemic and focus on some light-hearted humour and fun-filled sessions to usher in happiness. Trust Mirchi Bangla (as powered by Radio Mirchi) to bring you a refreshing breeze of love in the desperate times by spreading some good cheer with romantic stories at that revolves around real-life examples and modern-day adaptations as you let your imagination soar high! 

Take a break from all the panic-inducing updates on social media and tune into the stories that are released every Friday at 8:00 PM (log into their youtube channel), thus giving you the perfect opportunity to bask in. the warmth of a romance as you cherish the company of your loved ones. Near of far, this lockdown will only strengthen the love we have for the special someone in our lives, as we were always caught up in busy, never-ending schedules all year round. The featured episodes under this popular series will include short yet relatable stories like Kalo Jama (The Black Shirt), Share TaxiEk Dui Teen and Baba Ke Bolo (Tell My Father) that aim to redefine the preconceived notions about the usual Bengali love saga at Kolkata's number one radio station!